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jan. 01, 2014:  Now Available
calibration section in CLTSC
jan. 01, 2014:  Email System
is up and running.
jan. 01, 2014:  GeoTechnical
Lab Services .
Oct. 11, 2012:
Aqua nova: For
measuring the Following ions:
 Fe, Cu,Cl2, SO4, Mn,NH4,NH3,
No2, NO3,Po4, Al, Zn, Sio2, COD.
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The Central Laboratory for Science, Environment & Soil Researches was built & commissioned in 2005 to assist (NEC) in solving all the technical problems concerning the Fuel for operating the power stations, analyzing water, giving advice to operators of water treatment plants, taking care of the chemical cleaning of the heat exchangers, like boilers, condensers, cooling systems..etc.

All the central lab supervisors have long experience in thermal power generation, most of them have higher degrees and after graduate diplomas, they are members in most of the governmental communities like -but not limited to-the “The Sudanese Standards & Metrology Organization SSMO”, “The Higher Council of Environment & Natural Resources”; So, accordingly they are playing a significant role in establishing the standards for Republic of Sudan and issues of controlling all the material imported and also in applying the international agreements for controlling the environment.





About SEDC

The Sudanese Distribution company is responsible for distributing electricity for more than 1,480,000 customers all over Sudan in the different fields of industry, agriculture, resident areas, governmental..etc.

The numbers of employees are more than 3181, with different specialties like engineers, technicians, economists, accountants and business administrative, very high skilled personnel.