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jan. 01, 2014:  Now Available
calibration section in CLTSC
jan. 01, 2014:  Email System
is up and running.
jan. 01, 2014:  GeoTechnical
Lab Services .
Oct. 11, 2012:
Aqua nova: For
measuring the Following ions:
 Fe, Cu,Cl2, SO4, Mn,NH4,NH3,
No2, NO3,Po4, Al, Zn, Sio2, COD.
    fx:    'scrollVert',
    delay: -100,
      pause:   1



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    fx:     'shuffle',
    speed:  500,
    timeout: 1000,
    pause:   1



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  Central laboratory for Technical Services and Calibration  (Head Office & Central Lab)
     Sudan, Khartoum North, Al-Shifa
     Kafouri 4 east of Bahri Al-Hararia 
     Tel: +24912034404 

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