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jan. 01, 2014:  Now Available
calibration section in CLTSC
jan. 01, 2014:  Email System
is up and running.
jan. 01, 2014:  GeoTechnical
Lab Services .
Oct. 11, 2012:
Aqua nova: For
measuring the Following ions:
 Fe, Cu,Cl2, SO4, Mn,NH4,NH3,
No2, NO3,Po4, Al, Zn, Sio2, COD.
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Petroleum Lab

Oil Analysis is the sampling and laboratory analysis of a lubricant's properties, suspended contaminants, and wear debris. Oil Analysis is performed during routine Learn more...

Water Lab

Water is one of the most important & precious natural resources available to the living organisms on earth. It is precious because it is synonymous with ‘Life’ on earth. Learn more...

Soil Lab

Standard penetration tests (SPT) will be carried out to provide an indication of the density and/or consistency of the group and to obtain disturbed samples for visual inspection Learn more...


The Central laboratory for Technical Services and Calibration was built & commissioned in 2005 to assist (NEC) in solving all the technical problems concerning the Fuel for operating the power stations, analyzing water, giving advice to operators of water treatment plants, taking care of the chemical cleaning of the heat exchangers, like boilers, condensers, cooling systems..etc.