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jan. 01, 2014:  Now Available
calibration section in CLTSC
jan. 01, 2014:  Email System
is up and running.
jan. 01, 2014:  GeoTechnical
Lab Services .
Oct. 11, 2012:
Aqua nova: For
measuring the Following ions:
 Fe, Cu,Cl2, SO4, Mn,NH4,NH3,
No2, NO3,Po4, Al, Zn, Sio2, COD.
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Quality, Researches , development & Safety Section

The Section of Quality, Researches development & Safety is directly related to the General Manager of the Central Lab. this section is consist of three units as follows:

  • Quality (Controlling & Assuring)

  • Project & researches preparation & execution.

  • Safety & environment monitoring & follow up

    • The activities of the Section includes:

    • Implementation, follow up & monitoring of the quality systems implemented in CLTSC.

    • Projects, researches in the field of CLSER services & development of all CLTSC technical activities.


    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

    • Water treatment design & operation.

    • Chemical cleaning for boilers & heat exchangers.

    • Evaluation of occupational health &safety.

    • Soil investigations & researches for both agriculture & construction purposes.

    • Treatment of different chemical fields such as DC Batteries Solutions.

    • Installation

    • Operation

    • Maintenance

    Environmental Studies

    Monitoring – EIA – Consultance

    Monitoring Devices :

    Flow gas analyzer (Testo 335) & Modular area monitor

    Both flow gas analyzer & modular area monitor can detect very low concentration of toxic gases& dust (ppb & ppm) using either electrochemical or IR sensors with different work rang of temperature to cover wide range of detection depending on location status.

    Environmental monitoring and analysis of different pollutants such as gases & particulate matters

    Microdust pro:

    (Aerosol monitoring system) For monitoring an

    measuring dust or particulate concentration.